Our desire to do better and be the best drives the passion and commitment behind everything we do. Therefore it is our passion and commitment to excellence that has established JAGOTA as one of the most creative and innovative companies in Thailand today, bringing trend setting and bespoke food solutions.

As a dedicated company, we are constantly evolving with new ideas, concepts, events and solutions that further drive the success of our customers wherever they are and whatever their business, Modern Trade, Food Service, Catering…

In this fiercely competitive market, we are constantly learning, from our environment, customers needs, market trends… and growing in the process, to consistently delight our customers and live on our promise of delivering

“Awesome Food Ingredients from around the world”

Jagota is a team of Young and Dynamic individuals dedicated to bring the very best of products, quality and service to the food consumers and professionals in Thailand.

Established in 1997, Jagota has since grown with 200 strong staffs that are able to reach out and service all the customers in Thailand, big and small. Jagota also has offices with logistical infrastructures in Phuket and Samui to fully service the customers in those respective regions.

Our purpose: Sharing our love for food by delivering quality food products, brands and service directly to the door of our clients. 

Our business: Food Service, Modern Trade, Customer Care and Quality Control.

Our Values: Passion for food, understanding of people, industry needs and trends.

Teamwork and passion is on of the key factors that lead us to our leading position today. We create a rewarding environment for our employees by encouraging initiative, teamwork and pride in the achievement of the business objectives, which  lead to personal development and progress. Because we understand that investment in Human Resources is also an investment in the Future…