Out of respect for nature and esteem for traditional craftsmanship. This is how Pain d'Antan was created; from pure white wheat flour, certified as to its origin, finely ground and sieved according to a unique procedure with respect for its traditional mild flavour. The products are shaped by hand and stone-baked. Every one of them is a delicious rustic bread speciality, as if made by nature itself.

Pain de tradition bread is prepared in a traditional manner using a range of quality cereals. It's the dough's very slow rising process and the addition of natural liquid yeasts that give this bread its delicious fl avour. Stone baking also adds to this bread's natural and unique character. Another advantage is that this type of bread stays fresh for much longer.

The flavour of well-being...

 Fitness isn't only associated with frequent and intense physical activity, but also healthy eating. And thanks to this combination, we can feel good and full of energy. Our Fitness range is the promise of a tasty way to stay in shape! Our Fitness products are not only healthy but also highly nourishing and delicious. They contain a unique mixture of different sorts of cereals and grains such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, soya and an additional topping composed of sesame seeds, linseeds, oat flakes and sunflower seeds. In short, all our Fitness products systematically provide an energy boost and keep your body and soul healthy, in combination with a few hours of exercise every week. What are you waiting for? 

We are proud to present our extensive assortment of mini restaurant rolls. They will allow you to serve a suitable roll with every dish. Especially suitable for use in the restaurant sector and for caterers.