Bouchot Mussels

A Bouchot is a mussel formed from 109 posts usually made in oak, placed along two rows and spaced by 2.50 meters. It takes one year for the mussels to become mature. The result is a meaty with an amazingly fine texture and exquisite taste medium-sized mussel. Its bright orange flesh will melt in your mouth with a dominant sweet flavor that will make you addicted to it.


Cooking suggestions:


• Grill

• Poach

• Bake

• Broil

• Boil

• Steam

• Sauté

Origin: France 

SFK%1605 : Bouchot Mussel (Vacuum Pack) 2-4 cm
Packing Size : 2 Kg x 1 Bg

SFK%0502 : Bouchot Musse; 2-4 cm (in Bag or Net)
Packing Size : 5 Kg x 1 Bg

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