Belon Oyster

Cultivated in the Bélon river in the Brittany region of France, where it got its AOC Classification from, this is one of the rarest oyster in the world. This flat oyster has a large, round, cup, with a beautiful vibrant green scallop shaped shell. It has a uniquely sweet and salty notes, some tannic hints and a mild brininess with a pleasant metallic finish. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a few, savor them... their amazing powerful taste will surely makes you an outstanding impression!

Origin: France 

SFY%0523 : Belon No.0
Packing Size : 50 Pc x 1 Bx

SFY%1478 :  Belon No.00 120-140 g/pc
Packing Size : 50 Pc x 1 Bx

SFY%1418 : Belon No.1
Packing Size : 50 Pc x 1 Bx

SFY%0860 : Belon No.3
Packing Size : 50 Pc x 1 Bx

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