Pickering Passage

Named after the body of water in southern Puget Sound, Washington State, that flows past the mouths of Hammersley, Totten, and Eld Inlets, the Pickering Passage oysters grows very quickly to reach their market size within one year thanks to the bag to beach method. Their flesh is plump and firm, their flavor is mildly salty followed by a full sweetness and a fruity aftertaste

Origin: U.S.A.

SFY%1077 : Pickering Passage Oyster (XS) 5-7 cm, 50-70 g
Packing Size : 5 DZ x 1BG

SFY%1109 : Pickering Passage Oyster (Premium) 7-8.25 cm, 80-100 g
Packing Size : 5 DZ x 1BG

SFK%1546 : Pickering Passage Oyster (Regular) 7-10 cm, 70-120 g
Packing Size : 5 DZ x 1BG

SFY%1884 : Pickering Passage Oyster (Market) 8.25-10 cm, 100-120 g
Packing Size : 5 DZ x 1BG

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