Diploid Eagle Rock

The Eagle Rock’s oyster is growing in the Totten Inlet, which is in southern Puget Sound, Washington State, U.S.A. They are named after the imposing Eagle Rock situated on the beach where they are introduced and where the eagles love to perch on... this nicely round shaped oyster grown in mesh bags for eight months, then scattered on the beach to fatten and harden. It tastes mildly salty, plump and very sweet with a distinctive flavor of Totten nori.

Origin: U.S.A.

SFY%0825 : Diploid Eagle Rock Oyster (XS)
Packing Size : 5 DZ x 1BG

SFY%1476 : Diploid Eagle Rock Oyster (Premium) 
Packing Size : 5 DZ x 1BG

SFK%1088 : Diploid Eagle Rock Oyster (Market
Packing Size : 5 DZ x 1BG

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