How is the flavorful taste of Kobe Beef produced? This has been the question fascinating and tantalizing not just the Japanese but gourmets around the globe as they ponder this ultimate delight. Coming from the Tajima-Gyu breed, the Kobe beef is raised and slaughtered in the Kobe region of Japan (Hy?go prefecture). Even among "Tajima-gyu" cows, only the chosen few that satisfy specific quality criteria deserve the title "Kobe Beef. Only Tajima-gyu cows having a marbling score of No.6 or higher, a fine meat texture, have passed weight limitation and other strict criteria can officially be certified "Kobe Beef". This beef is renowned for its tenderness, unique flavor and great marbling score that give an outstanding mouthfeel and melts at low temperatures. This is why its luscious texture, delicate flavor and melt-in-mouth meat are definitely one of the most amazing culinary experience you could have.