Security Foods has earned a reputation as the number one Australian producer of  premium quality Wagyu beef.  It has done so by adopting the most innovative cattle management and production systems, with the highest standards of breeding program so as to deliver exceptional eating experience.


What makes the best Wagyu beef from Australia:


- Tajiri (Tajima) Line :  The Tajiri or Tajima Line is known to have outstanding genetic excellence of meat and has the most refined marbling, which allows it to melt into the meat, thereby producing beef of finest flavor. All of the Wagyu beef from Kobe is of Tajima


- Grain Fed for 500 Days :  Tajima Wagyu cattle are grain fed for 500 days. The grains and rations are designed based on the similar programs as done in KobeJapan. Such sophisticated rations and long feeding further ensures great texture and taste is over all eating experience.


- Multiple awards, voted "best imported beef in Japan" : at an acclaimed tasting event amongst a panel of Executive Chefs in Tokyo in 2007, Tajima Wagyu from Security Foods was voted the best beef imported in Japan!


- JAS Certificate : Security Foods is the first company in Australia to be awarded JAS Certification (Japanese Agricultural Standards), which further reflects its leadership amongst Australian Wagyu producers.