From proscuito to salame, Jagota is bringing you a large and delicious range of cured meat from some of the best Italian producers such as:


Villani - Artisanal Supplier of highest quality Hams and Salami

Established in 1886, Villani has remained Firmly in the hands of the same family throughout its century-old history. Villani is a boutique brand of Italian charcuterie. Relative smaller than its peers, with sole focus on high quality charcuterie, savoring Villani is a gourmet adventure at its own height


Fiorucci - Since 1850, Fiorucci, the third generation family-owned company has been preparing premium specialty meats that have become the best loved, number one selling meats in Italy. Fiorucci offers a range of Italian specialty meats and works to ensure that the flavor and quality that made Fiorucci Italy's #1 is always there.