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Creamed pea soup

Ingredient : Servings for 4

      400 g frozen peas - vegetable broth

      1 medium - sized potatoes (about 70 g) - 1 shallot

      100 g sweet gorgonzola - 100 g fresh goat cheese

      4 muffins - 3 marjoram sprigs - salt - lemon rind

Preparation :

- Heat two tablespoons of extra-virgin oil in a pan and brown the minced shallot.

- Add peas and the potato roughly cut into pieces. Brown on a high flame for 6 minutes, then pour the broth into the pan until all the ingredients are covered. 

- Taste for seasoning and leave on the flame for at least 10 more minutes. In the meantime, mix the goat cheese and gorgonzola in a container to obtain a mousse. 

- Flavor with a minced lemon rind and marjoram leaves and stuff the muffins with the mousse by means of a pastry bag. Take away the peas from the flame and liquidize with a handheld blender. 

- Return the creamed peas on the flame, taste for seasoning again, and serve. Garnish each plate with a muffin and decorate as desired.

Suggested wine

White wine, Custoza

Gorgonzola Créeme bruléee

Ingredient : Servings for 4

      100 g milk - 100 g cream

      3 egg yolks - 30 g gorgonzola

      salt, pepper, and nutmeg

      1 marjoram sprig

Preparation :

- Boil milk and cream seasoned with salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Whisk egg yolk until doubled in volume, then cover with milk and cream, 

- Add gorgonzola and marjoram,and mix quickly to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

- Pour in moulds and bake at 90̊ C for 20 minutes.

- Top with stale bread sticks previously browned in butter

Suggested wine

Pinot Nero
Asparagus and Bacon Bundles with Cheese Sauce

Ingredients :

      2 bunches fresh asparagus

      4 rashers streaky bacon

      40g butter, melted

      1 lemon zest and juice

      Cracked pepper and sea salt

      1 tsp fresh chopped herbs

      200g Tatua Cheese Sauce

Preparation :

• Trim asparagus and cut in half or 7-8cm lengths.

• Blanch in boiling water for 1 minute then refresh under cold water.

• Cut bacon rashers in half. Divide asparagus into bundles and wrap each with bacon.

• Combine butter, lemon zest and juice, seasoning and herbs. Brush bundles generously with butter and grill on the bbq or in a frying pan until bacon is cooked and bundles are coloured, basting with excess  butter as they cook.

• Arrange on a serving plate and spoon over warm cheese sauce and grind over cracked pepper.

• Makes about 8 bundles.
Polenta triangles

Ingredient : Serivngs for 4

      15o g instant polenta - 300 g water

      4 fresh squids - 300 g spicy gorgonzola

      2 fresh small boletus - extra-virgin olive oil

      1 shallot - fresh wild fennel - 20 g butter

      salt, pepper - 1 spoon of extra-virgin olive oil

Preparation :

- Cook instant polenta, whisk it with minced wild fennel, add salt and pepper.

- Place in a plum cake mould and leave it cool down. Shape cool polenta into triangles and fry in  a pan with butter. 

- Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper, transfer polenta triangles topped with gorgonzola individually. Bake at 200̊ C for 6 minutes. Clean the squids and cut them into rinds. Clean the boletus and slice them.

- Warm up a tablespoon of oil in a sauce pan, sauté finely minced shallot with boletus on high flame for about 4 minutes.

Combine with the squids and turn off.

- Add salt and pepper. Serve polenta triangles with boletus and squids very hot.
Jerusalem artichokes cream

Ingredient : Servings for 4

   500 g Jerusalem artichokes - 1 shallot - 200 g chicken broth

   120 g spicy gorgonzola - 40 g plain chocolate (70% cocoa solids)

   extra-virgin olive oil

Preparation :

- Clean and peel Jerusalem artichokes, then slice them thinly.

- Brown the shallot in extra-virgin olive oil, 

- add Jerusalem artichokes and the chicken broth to bring to the cooking point. Let boil for about 30 minutes until creamy. 

- Pour the cream in a soup plate, add gorgonzola and chocolate curls. Top with drops of extra-virgin olive oil.

Suggested wine

Spicy Gewürtztraminer, Alto Adige

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