----- ICE CREAM -----
Italian Coffee Ice cream with Meringue

Meringue Ingredient :

      150g fresh egg whites

      300g cooking sugar

Preparation :
 Beat up.

 Add. Continue beating until you obtain a smooth meringue.

 Pipe meringue towers onto greaseproof paper. Leave for 8 to 15 hrs (depending on the size of the towers).
Dry in the oven at 65C until completely dry throughout.

Finishing Meringue Tower Ingredient :
      50g Dark Chocolate Callebaut Strong 70-30-38NV
      30g Cocoa butter CB
Preparation :
 Melt together. Put the mixture into a spray gun. Spray the dried meringue with the chocolate (with the spray gun and compressor).

Ice cream Ingredient :

      500 ml milk

      6 egg yolks 

      400g granulated sugar

      1 teaspoon of coffee 

      2 spoon of Amaretto 

      50g fresh whipped cream

      500 2 dessertspoon Callebaut splitters

Preparation :

 Bring to the boil.

 Beat together until stiff. Add the milk stirring continually. Return to the heat and continue stirring until it thickens. Cool immediately in an ice bath so that the cream doesn't curdle.

 Add and turn in an ice cream machine.

 Add evenly while turning. Keep in the freezer at -10°C (not colder) for maximum 2 days.

Christmas Parfait

Ingredients :

      400g Tatua Crème Anglaise

      3 cups Tatua™ Dairy Whip Whipped Cream

      6 meringues

      200g Christmas fruit mince

      1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

      1/2 teaspoon mixed spice

Preparation :

• Whisk together the Tatua Crème Anglaise and Tatua™ Dairy Whip Whipped Cream until smooth.

• Gently crush the meringues with your fingers into anglaise mix and fold with a metal spoon.

• Add fruit mince and spices. Fold through gently until mixed. Freeze in freezer proof airtight container.

• To serve either cut parfait into squares or cut out circles with a hot metal cookie cutter and place on serving plates.

Top with extra Tatua™ Dairy Whip Whipped Cream immediately prior to serving.

Serves 6
Vanilla Ice Cream

วัตถุดิบ :

      4 eggs, separated

      cup caster sugar

      1 tsp vanilla essence

      300 ml Tatua Culinary & Whipping Cream

วิธีทำ :

• Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form.

• Gradually add half of the sugar, 1 tablespoon at a time, beating until sugar dissolves before adding the

next tablespoon.

• In a separate bowl beat egg yolks and the remaining sugar until thick and pale.

• Add vanilla. Gently fold yolk mixture into egg white mixture.

• In another bowl beat Tatua Culinary & Whipping Cream until thick then fold into egg mixture. Pour mixture into a shallow container suitable for freezing.

• Freeze for 2 hours or until firm.

• Serves 6

Variations 1/2

Any of the following can be added after the Tatua Culinary & Whipping Cream :

• 1 cup chocolate chips

• 1 cup chopped nuts

• 1 cup purèed berry fruit e.g. strawberries, raspberries  2/2

Chocolate Sundae

วัตถุดิบ :

      Fresh fruit (i.e. berries, kiwifruit, stone fruit)

      Vanilla Ice-cream

      Tatua™ Dairy Whip Chocolate Dessert Topping

      Chocolate Wafers

วิธีทำ :

• Layer ice-cream and fruit in glass.

• Add swirl of Tatua™ Dairy Whip Chocolate Dessert Topping on top with slice of strawberry.

• Add chocolate wafers to saucer when ready to serve  1/1

Orange Cheesecake Cream & Raspberry Trifle

วัตถุดิบ :

      250g gingernut biscuits

      350g cream cheese

      1/3 cup runny honey

      3 cups Tatua™Dairy Whip® Whipped Cream

      Zest of 2 oranges

      1 punnet raspberries

      100g dark chocolate roughly chopped

วิธีทำ :
• Blend gingernut biscuits in a food processor until they are roughly chopped like cake crumbs then setaside.

• Whip cream cheese and honey together until smooth.

• Add Tatua™Dairy Whip® Whipped Cream and orange zest then beat until smooth.

• Place large tablespoon of cheesecake cream into the base of six glasses then sprinkle with gingernut


• Press the crumbs down until flat and place a layer of raspberries evenly on top.

• Top with some of the chocolate then repeat the process until the cheesecake mix and other ingredients

have been used up. Refrigerate for at least an hour before serving.
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