Frozen Bakery

   We take immense pride in presenting our distinguished business that specializes in the importation of premium frozen bakery products from around the world. These products are made according to the bakery tradition, with passion, know-how, natural raw ingredients… Authentic and original recipes are respected in order to meet your customers expectations with respect to quality and anticipating on new trends in the market. Breads, donuts, muffins, pancakes, croissants… our frozen bakery products are all premium, easy to prepare, with no or few equipment and very delicious, they are a real solution for your daily operation.
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Les tulipes – Premium Muffin

Immerse yourself in the world of frozen bakery perfection with Les Tulipes, a renowned brand offering a delightful variety of premium muffins. Imported from Spain, our frozen bakery treats are meticulously crafted to ensure a superior experience. Indulge in the pleasure of freshly baked muffins without the hassle, as our products are ready to consume straight from your oven. Discover a delicious treasure trove of flavors with our wide range of muffin varieties, each one carefully designed to tantalize your taste buds. Elevate your snacking experience with Les Tulipes frozen bakery, where every muffin is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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Neuhauser – Premium Croissant from France

Neuhauser, a prominent player in the Baked Goods sector in France, stands as a French powerhouse renowned for its excellence. Specializing in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of a diverse range of products, Neuhauser offers a captivating assortment that encompasses bakery, viennoiserie, and pastry. Importing directly from France, the company ensures an authentic and unrivaled experience for its customers. With an extensive selection of frozen bakery delights, including croissants, bread, pastries, and viennoiserie, Neuhauser caters to the discerning palates of pastry enthusiasts worldwide.

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DOTS – Premium Frozen Donut

Delight in the captivating world of DOTS Original frozen bakery, hailing from Spain and offering an exquisite variety of premium donuts. Crafted with meticulous care, our frozen bakery treats are imported to deliver an unparalleled experience. From the classic, indulgent donut filled with rich chocolate to the meticulously decorated creations adorned with white, dark, and milk chocolate, each bite is a symphony of flavors and textures. With their easy-to-use format, these delectable delights bring the allure of a bakery to your home. Indulge in the artistry of DOTS Original frozen bakery, where every donut is a masterpiece adorned with triple-colored shavings, inviting you to savor the finest taste sensations.

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