Our Seafood Products

   Jagota is the leading seafood importer and distributor in Thailand, specializing in premium seafood products sourced from various parts of the world. We boast an extensive array of premium seafood options, encompassing top-tier fresh and frozen seafood from pristine waters of the Mediterranean to the South Pacific Ocean and locally sourced fresh seafood varieties from Thai waters.
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Premium Fish

With wide variety that includes both fresh and frozen selections, Jagota caters to diverse palates, ensuring that every seafood lover can find something to indulge in. From the flavorful Thai fish to authentic taste of European and Japanese fish, Jagota promises a delightful seafood experience.

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Premium Shellfish

Premium Shellfish   Enhance your dining experience to new heights by incorporating Jagota’s premium quality shellfish sourced from Japan, Europe and Americas.View Shellfish Catalogue Premium Lobsters Premium Oysters Premium Mussels Premium Clams Premium Scallops Premium Prawns

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