Welcome to Jagota Delicatessen, a haven for culinary enthusiasts. Explore our impressive selection of charcuterie boards, adorned with a mouthwatering assortment of sausage, ham, bacon, and cold cut.


Porxas exclusively uses pigs from Catalonia which fattened and butchered there. The Serrano ham and Ibérian are made traditionally, whereas the natural and slow ripening process is supported by the latest technical equipment.

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Ham, Sausage, & Bacon

Welcome to Jagota Delicatessen, where you’ll find a mouthwatering selection of sausage, ham, and bacon. Jagota Delicatessen artisanal creations promise to satisfy your cravings for delicious, high-quality delicatessen meats. Visit Jagota Delicatessen and indulge your taste buds today.

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Smoked & Marinades

Jagota Delicatessen, your destination for exceptional smoked delicacies. Explore Jagota tantalizing selection of meats, expertly infused with Jagota signature marinades. Indulge in the rich and smoky Salmon flavors that define the essence of Jagota Delicatessen. Experience the art of gourmet smoking at its finest.

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Artisanal Cured Meat

The ultimate destination for exquisite cured meats and tantalizing cold cut. Discover our curated selection of artisanal delicacies, where the art of craftsmanship meets exceptional flavor. At Jagota Delicatessen, take pride in offering the finest quality charcuteries boards and cold cut for your culinary pleasure.

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