2022's Great Taste Awards Winner!
100% acorn-fed Iberian pigs
Belloterra's Iberian acorn-fed hams stand out from the crowd due to their texture, excellent aroma, and distinct flavour, with the meat being delicate and low in salt.
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Natural Habitat and Welfare

The Dehesa is an ecosystem that combines trees, primarily holm oaks, cork oaks, and other native species, with grassland. This environment is ideal for Iberian pigs because it provides them with space to roam freely and behave naturally. 

      ** Our products are Animal Welfare Certified **

Diet and Natural Feeding

During the Montanera season (October to March) the pigs feed on acorns (Bellotas), as well as grasses and other natural herbs. The acorns are rich in oleic acid, which imparts a distinctive flavour to the fat.

Quality and Traceability

Each step from breeding to diet to curing of the ham, follows stringent guidelines that guarantee the authenticity and traceability of true Iberian Bellota meat, as well as the hams and charcuterie.