Jagota is renowned for its exceptional beverage offerings, including the world's number one mineral water - Evian, and premium fruit juices. With a focus on quality and taste, Jagota cater to various sectors, such as HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Catering), fine dining establishments, cafe, and even home users. Whether you're a discerning hotel guest, a connoisseur dining at a fine restaurant, or simply enjoying a refreshing beverage at home, Jagota's range of products is sure to delight your taste buds and elevate your beverage experience.
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Lily Fresh

Lily Fresh is grown and manufactured in Chanthaburi, Thailand. Each sip bursts with natural flavours and nutrients.

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Experience the essence of Italy delivered directly to your table with our 100% organic farm sourced premium cold-pressed juices.

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Pepsi Co.

Pepsi the globally recognized for its cola beverages, while Aquafina, also owned by PepsiCo, provides refreshing and pure drinking water options. Pepsi satisfies taste buds with its distinct cola flavor, while Aquafina ensures consumers have a refreshing and hydrating choice for quenching their thirst.

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