A History of Italian Tradition & Innovation

Casa Rinaldi

Casa Rinaldi has been manufacturing, hand-picking, and distributing the finest Italian foods and sauces since 1979.



Casa Rinaldi’s bronze-drawn pasta collection is the pinnacle of Italian tradition and experience. Each format is created using the old method of bronze drawing, in which the dough is passed through a bronze cutter to make the shape of pasta.

A succession of blades cuts the product to the desired length, which is followed by a slow and low-temperature drying process.


Healthy risotto

Carnaroli Rice

This “king of rices.” It was created in 1945 using two types of rice: Vialone and Lecino.

Carnaroli is often described as “superfino” and has large (bigger than 6mm) sweet grains, suitable to absorb broth, liquids, butter and cream, making it perfect for risottos.

Product Code: RII%0008R

Packing Size: 1 KG x 10 PK

Origin: Italy


Casa Rinaldi

Mushroom Sauce with Truffles

Champignon, porcini, and truffle are the three types of mushrooms used to make the Casa Rinaldi mushroom sauce with truffles.

These ingredients combine to create a flavorful combination. Its scent is enhanced with black olives and extra virgin olive oil.

Product Code: CIS%1034

Packing Size: 500 GM X 6 JR

Origin: Italy

Whole Peeled Tomatoes in Tomato Juice 

Tomatoes come exclusively from certified agricultural cooperatives. They are processed as soon as they are picked and thus maintain a bright red colour, a fresh flavour and a firm consistency.

Product Code: ITA%0581

Packing Size: 2.55 kg x 6 can

Origin: Italy

Olive Oils

Olives oil Olitalia Alianza (2)

Toscana Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP

Product Code: OLO%0065

Packing Size: 500 ML X 6 BT

Origin: Italy

Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Truffle

Product Code: OLO%0066R

Packing Size: 250 ML X 1 BT

Origin: Italy