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CSM provides you with the ideal fusion of cutting-edge products and conventional knowledge. Because of our industry's 100-year history and our steadfast dedication to the advancement of the field via research and development, we are able to provide each product with premium ingredients, optimal process dependability, and mouthwatering flavour.

Ulmer Spatz

Since 1859

Freshly baked bread on wooden table, rustic charm

DiaBaguette 10%

Brand: CSM

Product Code: BMB%0006/R

Packing Size: 5 KG X 1 BG

Packing Size: 25 KG X 1 BG

Origin: Germany

A handy premix, DiaBaguette 10% gives baguettes and other wheat flour products a distinctive taste profile and golden crust.

Additionally, the wheat sponge is already present. To sum up, DiaBaguette 10% is the product for baguettes, known for their crispy crust and golden-brown colour. Possess the unique flavour of real France.

ไดอาบาแกตต์ 10% แป้งผสมสำหรับขนมปังบาแกตต์

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Pom Soft

Brand: CSM

Product Code: BMB%0134

Packing Size: 10 KG X 1 BG

Origin: Germany

Designed to deliver exceptional results, POM Soft is perfect for a variety of baked goods, providing a soft and tender crumb that customers will love.

  • Superior Texture: POM Soft ensures a consistently soft and fluffy texture, making it ideal for a wide range of bakery products.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for creating baked items including sweet breads, buns, soft rolls.


Walnut Bread
5 Kraftkorn

12 Grain Mix Gold H

Brand: CSM

Product Code: BMB%0131

Packing Size: 10 KG X 1 BG

Origin: Germany

A premium multigrain blend crafted by CSM, designed to elevate your baking creations with a wholesome and nutritious touch. This mix combines a carefully selected assortment of grains, providing a unique flavour profile and a wealth of health benefits.


  • 12 different grains and seeds
  • Appealing golden crumb colour
  • Balanced malt flavour and light sourdough taste
  • Wide range of application possibilities
  •  Allows lean ingredients declaration


3 Kraftkorn
1 Kraftkorn (1)

Kraftkorn Mix

Brand: CSM

Product Code: BMB%0001/R

Packing Size:10 KG X 1 BG

Origin: Germany

Kraftkorn, is the world-famous base mix for making a range of great-tasting malted and rye-containing bread and rolls.

  • A dark malt bread premix consisting of cereal and oil seeds: malt, wheat, rye, oat, soya, sunflower and linseed (flaxseed).
  • Can be used at various dosage levels, typically from 20% – 50% so that taste can be suited to local market requirements.
  • Easy and consistent production.
  • High content of malt, mineral and fibre enriched.
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