US Cheese

Cheeses made by American artisans. From the vast, rich coasts to environmentally friendly farming and artisan cheese production, this place bears witness to a century-long passion for craft cheese.


Point Reyes

A century ago, California’s golden promise led their great-grandfather to the fertile shores, and the Giacomini legacy took root. Generations later, Point Reyes nurtured a deep respect for nature, transforming our 720-acre haven into a sanctuary for sustainable farming and artisan cheesemaking.

Today, Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company is more than just a dairy – it’s a celebration of passion and our heritage.


Italian passion converges with Wisconsin terroir. Driven by cheesemaking dreams, Paolo Sartori planted Sartori Cheese in the fertile soil of Wisconsin. Through generations, the art of crafting cheese magic has thrived, blending the enduring “Sartori spirit” with the high-quality milk sourced from family farms. Each bite resonates with tradition, offering a delectable taste of field-to-table love.




Fiscalini Farmstead started as a dairy farm in 1914 by their great-grandfather who immigrated from Switzerland and settled in Modesto, California. The dairy Farmstead has expanded to include a cheesemaking facility on the premises. We are committed to making the best-tasting, handcrafted cheeses in the world.