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Cuisine Solutions products, pre-cooked to perfection, help chefs reduce prep time, expedite service, and enhance table turnover rates, ensuring a seamless dining experience for both staff and guests.

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Since 1963, Castellino vegetables originated from the heart of Marche region, but they have also found a home in the world. On the tables of those who value the refined and distinctly Mediterranean taste of olives, plain or stuffed, pesto, creams and bruschettas, grilled or stuffed vegetables and dried products.

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Luigi Guffanti

Since 1876, the Guffanti family, led by Carlo Guffanti Fiori and his sons Giovanni and Davide, has crafted a cheese legacy spanning over five generations. Guffanti has excelled in selecting and refining the finest Italian and European cheeses, maintaining a tradition of meticulous craftsmanship.

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The Casillo Group is a great Italian company, world leader in the processing and marketing of wheat, rooted deep in the Italian tradition and still evolving with professionalism and passion in a
constant search for perfection.

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Pasteurized Crabmeat เนื้อปูแกะ

Savour the flavour of Eastern Cove Crabmeat, which comes from the unspoiled coastline. Our crabmeat is hand-selected, finely graded, and has a remarkable flavour that is both savoury and sweet. It is also kept using state-of-the-art pasteurisation, which guarantees freshness without the use of artificial ingredients.

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USA Artisan Cheese

Cheeses made by American artisans. From the vast, rich coasts to environmentally friendly farming and artisan cheese production, this place bears witness to a century-long passion for craft cheese.

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Moondarra, the name of a rich, lush, pastoral region of Gippsland – Australia, renowned for the quality of its dairy products. And, like our namesake, Moondarra Cheese is also widely acclaimed for the high quality, innovative and unique range of flavoured cheese we produce.

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